Social media seems determined to hide all lingerie related content at the moment, so I decided to bring back the old blogroll to help showcase other lingerie bloggers that deserve your support.

Deemble Doo – small bust and fashion

The Lingerie Addict – lingerie variety

Hedora Helix – small back big cup and burlesque

Comics Girls Need Bras – small band big cup

Estelle X – small bust

Wishful Inking – lingerie reviews and illustrations

Esty Lingerie – lingerie variety

Lingerie Raven – small bust

The Breast Life – lingerie variety

Kurvendiskussionen – small bust

Big Cup Little Cup – lingerie variety

Sweet Nothings – full bust

Star Light and Seams – lingerie variety

Bustle and Bullets – lingerie variety

Le Salon de Frivolites – full bust



  • Had my first session at the gym with my trainer yesterday, and I am in agony 🙃
  • Would love to finally own a piece from @atelierbordelle 🖤
  • It’s my first proper day living in London and I’m unwell. Standard 🙃
  • In between trying to whittle down my possessions in preparation for my move to London, I’ve been trying to update some of my older posts. My partner and I recently rephotographed this set from @hopelesslingerie as I hated the original images, and wanted to do this set justice.
The Stella bra is probably one of my most worn pieces in my collection. It’s so versatile and layerable 🖤
Belt by @creepyyeha