Social media seems determined to hide all lingerie related content at the moment, so I decided to bring back the old blogroll to help showcase other lingerie bloggers that deserve your support.

Deemble DooΒ – small bust and fashion

The Lingerie AddictΒ – lingerie variety

Hedora Helix – small back big cup and burlesque

Comics Girls Need Bras – small band big cup

Estelle X – small bust

Wishful Inking – lingerie reviews and illustrations

Esty Lingerie – lingerie variety

Lingerie Raven – small bust

The Breast Life – lingerie variety

Kurvendiskussionen – small bust

Big Cup Little Cup – lingerie variety

Sweet Nothings – full bust

Star Light and Seams – lingerie variety

Bustle and Bullets – lingerie variety

Le Salon de Frivolites – full bust



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It’s so warm that even the plants are sweating
  • NEW BLOG POST: my summer goth swimwear picks for 2018 πŸ‘™
Which happened to coincide with National Bikini Day. There truly is a day for everything, huh?
  • Photographing projects with @garyndesign
  • Guess who’s finally getting her shit together and writing blog posts again? πŸ™‹πŸ»β€β™€οΈ
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