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Review // Hopeless Lingerie Dionne & Suzy

Hopeless Lingerie Dionne and Suzy review - Morning Madonna

Apologise for the mini hiatus, I haven’t been “feeling my oats” recently, however this set from Hopeless has definitely helped get be back on track to feeling badass. Despite red being my favourite colour (surprise to y’all who thought it was black) I didn’t actually own any red lingerie until […]

Review // Hopeless Lingerie Carrie

Hopeless Lingerie Carrie review - Morning Madonna

The Carrie knickers were my first proper lingerie purchase from Hopeless, the Saga top and Amanda top (pictured) being my first. I just loved how simple these briefs looked but the straps take them up a notch to a not so basic, basic. I purchased these in an XS, again […]

Review // Lonely Lingerie Blair

Lonely Lingerie Blair review - Morning Madonna

What really drew me to Lonely was not just their lovely designs but their tagline “For women who wear lingerie as a love letter to themselves”. While the whole “love letter” things is a little too “feels” for me to handle the fact that the brand actively promotes wearing beautiful […]



  • Celebrating romance day with a picture of squishy body parts, followed by an evening HIIT class 💝
Hope y’all are having a lovely day regardless of whether your celebrating Valentine’s Day or not 💕 (Sculpture by Rachel Kneebone)
  • I forgot about this picture until @sashalouiselatex posted it recently. This floral latex set is a dream 🥀🖤
  • Sneakin’ around on the V&A stairs.
I’m planning on going to the Dior exhibition this weekend at the V&A and I can’t wait to stare longingly at everything on show.
  • @mnibelungen has reopened her shop and I’m ready for some new knitwear 🖤