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Underwear as Outerwear // Texture

Disclosure: these tights were kindly gifted to me by The Tight Spot for the purpose of featuring on my blog. All views expressed here are completely my own.  Winter has arrived with a vengeance in Scotland, in turn doubling my washing thanks to all the layers I’m having to wear to keep […]



  • Winter has got me struggling to get out of bed. ☁️
Also discovered that those “really bad tension headaches” I thought I had been having are not tension headaches at all but migraines 🙃
  • @tisjadamenlingerie #tisjadamen
  • On the wall, keeping an eye out for White Walkers.
New post up featuring these leather look tights from @thetightspot
  • Is it the underside of the National Theatre or the sole of a giant Vans slip on?