Lingerie: Confessions and Musings

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I have an addiction.

Lingerie started infiltrating my life little by little. It started not long after I really got into fashion in my late teens. That interest of what went on the outside began to extend to what went on the underneath and that interest has manifested it’s self into a full blow obsession, this year real beginnings of an addiction.

It has gotten the point where I read, look at and try to educate myself about it on a day to day basis.

Set by COS

Recently a lingerie brand liked a photo of mine on Instagram. Naturally I decided to check the brand out (which was most likely their desired response) only to see their description as “Lingerie and sleepwear for him, worn by her”.

I never did find out if I liked any of their designs as their tagline put me off so much that I quickly closed the app.

The link between lingerie and sex is especially weak for me. Despite not currently being in a relationship, I still spend hours scouring the internet for new sets to add to my already inflated collection.
Lingerie is purely a personal experience. It’s not about being or feeling “sexy”, a word that I don’t frequently try to embody or the seduction of a lover. For me, it’s the same as any other item of clothing. It reflects my mood, it’s a confidence booster, the physical embodiment of the softer side of my personality and dressing tastes.
While most of my outerwear is structured, draped, boxy, all black and neutral coloured pieces of fabric which tell people that I don’t wish for their attention, my taste in lingerie on the other hand veers widely from the cute and girly to the structured and strapped.

Top by Hopeless Lingerie | Knickers by Topshop

Neither of the previously mentioned styles nor my plainer more neutral pieces are about the males gaze. If I’m with someone and they happen to like my choices it’s an added bonus. Lingerie brands who’s advertising focuses mainly on the involvement of lingerie in the bedroom is extremely off putting for me. While I am by no means a prude, there’s just something about lingerie being advertised with the sole gratification being for a man that just doesn’t sit right with me.

Lingerie also shouldn’t be limited to being about shapewear and bra fit in order to make it an acceptable topic. It’s tiring having underwear so linked to sex that the only way to make it acceptable it to make it about appearance altering to fit society’s ideals of attractiveness. Lingerie should be about self empowerment and confidence.
This may be a same old, same old rant for those who are involve themselves in the lingerie industry but being bombarded with information on what styles to wear to please your man or feeling embarrassed to open your Instagram on the bus incase the guy sat behind you thinks the latest photo from the lingerie blog you follow is an invite to start behaving like a creep towards you does get tiring.

In moving forward with my blog, I’ve decided to start adding post about lingerie. While I am by no means an expert it’s nice to indulge myself in my addiction a little more and have a platform to talk about it from so I don’t have to bore my friends.

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