Not sponsored, just simply a list of my favourite brands who deserve your support.


// UK 

Edge o’Beyond – Lingerie and accessories

Karolina Laskowska – Lingerie and accessories

Marieyat – Lingerie and loungewear

Playful Promises – Lingerie, nightwear and accessories

Reckless Wolf – Lingerie, clothing and accessories

Simon Preen – Clothing

Tamzin Lillywhite – Harnesses, chokers and accessories

William Wilde – Latex, clothing and accessories


// Europe

Don’t Shoot the Messenger – Lingerie, clothing and accessories

la fille d’O – Lingerie and clothing

Ludique – Lingerie

Melissa Tofton – Harnesses, chokers and accessories

Sasha Louise – Latex and accessories


// Australia & New Zealand 

Hopeless – Lingerie, loungewear and accessories

Lonely label – Lingerie, swimwear, clothing and loungewear


// US & Canada

Bully Boy – Lingerie and accessories

Creepyyeha -Harnesses, chokers and accessories

Julie K – Lingerie

Kayleigh Peddie – Lingerie and swimwear

Maude Nibelungen – Lingerie and clothing


*(list will be updated regularly)



  • It’s cold as balls outside and all I can think about is being curled up at home in cosy clothing. So much so I wrote an ode to my favourite knitwear designer @mnibelungen, over on the blog meow 🖤
  • Wow I am addicted to Mindhunter
  • Happy Halloween 🦇
If you fancy keeping it witchy all year round this is the perfume for you. More info on the blog. Link in bio.
  • When your favourite human and their work gets featured in a magazine and you feel all the feels! So proud.
(also I took this picture of him so technically my work has been featured in it too 😎)