Creepyyeha Ravish Me


NOTE: Creepyyeha is closing her store from the 8th of August onwards to catch up on orders after a well deserved holiday. Be sure to keep an eye on her social media for the date the store reopens. Creepyyeha is a creative force and if you aren’t yet aware of her name, you […]

Hopeless Lucy and Janine


IMPORTANT NOTICE: the Janine Knickers are now in the Leaving Soon section of the Hopeless website. You better get moving and snap them up quickly before they are gone! Since my last Hopeless post, I’ve decided to try and post any new bra and brief pieces from my collection as “sets”, in order […]

William Wilde Latex


Latex is having a moment. Thanks to the likes of Kim K and Beyoncé, the material has left the fetish scene and gone mainstream. I myself am completely new to the world of latex but as someone who covets the looks of the comic and screen villainess, it was only […]

Buying Transparency


With a rise in social media users sharing their lingerie collections online, the topic of transparency has become a hot one. Those who seem to have a never ending lingerie budget post selfie after selfie of new sets almost every other day, leaving many of us to wonder what how […]

Karolina Laskowska Miód


A little fact about me is that I am absolutely nature obsessed. As a wee tomboy I rather enjoyed capturing a variety of mini beasts in plastic bottles so I could bring them indoors and examine them (occasionally they would escape, much to my mothers annoyance). I had been itching […]

Cheat Sheet To Understanding The Price Of Your Knickers


If you follow me over on Twitter, you may have noticed myself, some fellow bloggers and a few lingerie designers discussing fakes and knock offs. There’s been a lot of rumbling on various sites recently from other internet users, bemoaning the price of sweatshop free/start up businesses goods and designers […]

Playful Promises Rosa


Disclaimer: this set was sent to me free of charge for the purpose of reviewing. All views expressed here are completely my own. First post of 2016! My little blog has been ticking along for just over a year now and I never really expected it to be as modestly […]

Edge O’Beyond Louisa


Edge o’Beyond are a relatively young brand, having only been established in 2013. Combining beautiful lingerie with fine jewellery to create bodily works of art, the brand are doing their bit to help revive the dying manufacturing trade in the UK by sourcing all of their materials in Europe before […]