Curating a Cohesive Lingerie Collection

This post has taken me ten months to write. Discussing my thought process over every purchase I make has been something readers of mine have expressed interest in for a while. Despite starting this post forever ago, I’ve struggled to put my thoughts into words. My collection has become such […]

Marie Yat Ryym and Sade

There’s something about a simple jersey set that I find incredibly appealing. I find them, dare I say it, “sexy” (a word I don’t often use) in a nonchalant kind of way. The ribbed cotton offerings from Marie Yat tap into this by combining exposed skin with unisex comfort for a minimalist but […]

Playful Promises Juliet

It was this set from Playful Promises that finally broke my lingerie abstinence last year. Previously only available in the full bust range, there was much demand for it to be released in core sizing, which PP diligently obliged. Juliet is a playful, retro inspired set with a minimalist twist; […]

10 Indie Sets Under £100

Fancy trying some indie lingerie but don’t know where to start? Below you can find a variety of sets for under £100 to help kickstart your collection. All of these items would be a great addition to any underwear drawer – both as a set or individually – and can be […]

Reflecting on 2016 // Welcoming 2017

2016 was a funny old year and like many, I am glad that these shambolic 12 months has come to an end. My little blog has been going along half heartedly for about two years now and last year I only managed nine posts. Which is a pretty pathetic number. […]

Winter Wishlist 2016

Frosty mornings have arrived with a vengeance here in Scotland and it seems that no amount of base layering is keeping me warm. As a result, I’ve been pondering the gaps in my lingerie collection while freezing my backside off at the bus stop. So here are my five favourite […]

Karolina Laskowska Ara

When Karolina Laskowska announced her intention to release a range that could make or break her business, I decided I would do what I could to support her. Her passion for lingerie and the love she puts into her work is truly inspiring and I would hate to see her […]

Creepyyeha Ravish Me

NOTE: Creepyyeha is closing her store from the 8th of August onwards to catch up on orders after a well deserved holiday. Be sure to keep an eye on her social media for the date the store reopens. Creepyyeha is a creative force and if you aren’t yet aware of her name, you […]



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  • The 24th-30th of April is Fashion Revaluation week, a campaign that was launched after the Rana Plaza factory collapsed in 2013. It killed 1138 workers and injured many more. During this week, buyers are encouraged to ask #WhoMadeMyClothes to persuade brands and producers to be transparent about their supply chain. Supporting brands that use ethical labour, pay fair wages and ensure safe working environments is something I am very passionate about. Last year I wrote a guide to help those shopping from ethical and indie designers understand why their garments cost the price they do and large portions of it are relevant for this week. 
In it you will find an array of books, documentaries, talks and blog posts that discuss the environmental and social impacts of fast fashion and the you can do to get involved and make a difference. 
Be sure to follow @fash_rev as ask #WhoMadeMyClothes
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  • My @lafilledo_therightthing Real Cool bra pairs so well with the @hopelesslingerie Phoebe brief 🖤

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