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What really drew me to Lonely was not just their lovely designs but their tagline “For women who wear lingerie as a love letter to themselves”. While the whole “love letter” things is a little too “feels” for me to handle the fact that the brand actively promotes wearing beautiful lingerie as an act of self love and not purely for sex is incredibly appealing to me. Even their look books are completely devoid of men or using lingerie and sexuality as the only form of female empowerment and focus purely on wearing beautiful pieces for self enjoyment. After getting excited by all of this, I fell for their feminine and graphic sets. With the company being based in New Zealand and the threat of the dreaded import tax, I did bide my time before purchasing from their site directly. My first piece (the Sable high waisted briefs in navy) was purchased from the Asos sale, which I loved and I was keen to get some more. Waiting around paid off recently, as they did several rather generous flash discounts at the end of January and I managed to purchase my entire wish list (three sets) and not feel too guilty about it.


My first full set was the Blair. I purchased the bra in a 30C and the knickers in a small. I have this terrible habit of over estimating my hip size (around 32″) and worrying that anything slightly stringed will dig in and look awful as it’s the softest part of my body. I nearly always panic and end up ordering a size up. I could have gotten away with the XS as it fits from 32″ to 34″ (and I since ordered the XS in my other two sets). The knickers in the size small fit fine, there’s no bagging even though they are a little too big and the silver o-rings sit smoothly against the skin with no digging. The high leg and cut of the knickers is very flattering.


This bra. I love it and in all honesty it is currently my favourite bra. The 13 year old goth girl that still resides in me adores the spider web lace. It is delicate and unlined, which won’t be a problem for many but being pierced, it’s something that needs to be taken into consideration. I’ve only had one major snag, mostly it sits completely fine but the lack of lining is something pierced ladies should take into account, as there are major holes in this fabric. The cups are underwired giving a lovely rounded shape to the breast and is very flattering for a small bust. The additional straps lay flat against my chest, do not pucker and are soft and flexible and do not dig in. I was also pleasantly surprised that the back of the shoulder straps are in fact removable, allowing the bra to become a cross back. As for the band, I do find it’s a little big as I can fasten it in the tightest set of hooks (there are three sets of two). It is a 30 back and my under bust measures at 27″ so it’s unsurprising it’s a little big. Crossing the shoulder straps does make it fit a little snugger but all of this is not enough to stop this bra from being my most worn piece.
The true measurement of comfort for me is how a set holds up during a full shift at work, which normally consists of 8+ hours of being on my feet, moving mannequins, large shelves, stands, tables, ladders, posters etc and this set is incredibly comfortable and I completely forget that I’m wearing it.

Lonely recently released their new collection Talisa and another two versions of this bra have been released in a black and white floral lace. If it wasn’t for the lace not being to my taste, I’d definitely buy this bra in another colour and fabric as I love this fit so much. Definitely want to get my hands on the Amelie set!

(I apologise for the quality of these photos. The weather and my days off haven’t really coincided recently, nor have I really being feeling that body confident, so they are a little rushed. I may come back at a later date and update the photos to a better quality)

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